Monroe Center Cemetery

Actually, this cemetery doesn't have a name.  It is located near Monroe Center and someone called it Monroe Center for location purposes.  I found no one who knew if it actually had a name.
This is a small cemetery approximately 1/4 mile South of Route 84 on Route 7 in Monroe Township which is just South of Conneaut.  Monroe Township has a Conneaut, Ohio zip code.

Click on this picture to get the pictures of the stones in this cemetery.

I took 3 pictures to get a full view.  It is a little rough but it works.
My husband helped me take the pictures of stones.  This is his FIRST experience at helping me with this website.  YESS!!!!
The cemetery has been through a lot of wear and tear.  Stones are falling over and broken, that is the ones that haven't been stolen or just plain thrown in the bushes because no one knew where to put them.
Someone read part of the stones but not all of them.  That list is kept at the Conneaut Public Library.  I am in the process of re-reading them and I have found a lot that the other person didn't list.  On the other hand, there are names on that other person's list that cannot be found in the cemetery.  They may be the ones that were cast aside and are partially buried or they could be the ones that vandals have stolen.  Maybe they are part of the stones that are illegible at this time.
Come back soon to see the updated version of this list.  I have to wait for a nice sunny day to get the best results of the readings.  I will take a few non-acidic things with me to try to get better readings, also.  I have found that plain dirt or potting soil works on the stones that are laying down or leaning back.
The names that are in CAPS are the names that can't be found but are from the Book at the Library.  This also may change after the stones are re-read.
I will be re-taking pictures of the stones that are photographable until I get the best ones I can.  I will also photograph the whole cemetery as taken from the road.  I will put numbers on the picture to show where the graves are located.
Good Luck in your searches....
~ Sincerely,  Sharon Wick ~

(Tombstone next to iron stake) With short iron stake next to it.  Nothing more.
  (Tombstone foundation)     Nothing more near road
(Tombstone foundation) Partially buried in weeds.
(Tombstone) Nothing left to read.  Weathered badly.
  (Tombstone)     67 yrs. 11 mo.  Lying down on back.  Stone behind Matilda.  Very badly weathered.  Nothing more to read.
(Tombstone) Partially buried in weeds.  (Will try to read again)
(Tombstone) Leaning on skinny tree near Emma K__mberk.
(Tombstone) Illegible leaning on tree in North West corner of cem.
Next to Lucius Hammond.  {Will read again)
        Piece of tombstone next to tree near Matilda.  No writing left on it.
A. F. Small stone.  Nothing more than initials on it.
Brazee, Deranzel L. Dec. 26, 1861
(maybe Oct. 26, 1861)
Son of Rev. A. & M. I. AE 11 yr. Recheck this
BRAZEE, Harriet J. Feb. 16, 1849 Dau. of Rev. A. M. I.  AE 22 yr.  This stone is no longer visible or is missing.
BRAZEE, Sam. L. Oct. 8, 1865 AE 27 yr. This stone is no longer visible or is missing.
*** Burge, Caroline D.   Sept. 1, 1858 Aged 10y 7m.  On West side of stone with Corydon J. & Children of F. A. & J. Burge.  (Children are probably Caroline & Corydon Burge) VERIFIED
  Burge, Coralinn   July 2, 1861 Daughter of J. & A. F. Burge.  Aged 15 yrs 17 mo 20 ds (See 1850 Census)
  Burge, Corydon, J.   Oct. 9, 1845 Aged 1 y.  On East side of stone with Caroline D & Children of F. A. & J. Burge. (Children are probably Caroline & Corydon Burge) VERIFIED (See 1850 Census)
  Burge, Children of F. A. & J.     On South Side of stone with Corydon & Caroline D. Burge.  On same stone as Corydon J. & Caroline D. Burge.  Probably the children are Corydon & Caroline. VERIFIED (See 1850 Census)
  Burge, Josiah   Aug. 8, 1860 Age 16 yrs.  Stone is laying on its back in the weeds to the south of the cemetery near the front. (See 1850 Census)
  Dalrymple, Hiram H.   Sept. 1854 AE 1 yr. Son of V. & I. M.  Died Sept. 18_7??&???  Will try to read again.
Dalrymple, Lois Mar. 15, 1857 Wife of H. Dalrymple..  AE 59 yrs 9 mo 27 ds
  Dalrymple, Martha   Oct. 24, 185___ Wife of A. H. Dalrymple. Daughter of ______ Smith.  Will try to re-read this one.
Dalrymple, Velina July 12, 1854 AE 26 yr.  Wife of I. M.  AE 26 yrs 7 mos & 25 da
  Daniels, Wm. Frankline   May 15, 1836 Son of Ruth & Leonard Daniels, ae 4y 35 d's  "Sleep on sweet babe and take they rest God called for thee he thought it best. 
(NOTE: Too young to be on a census record)
  Dean, Luther Sept. 3, 1792 Aug. 29, 1856 In Memory of Luther Dean.    Ae 64 yrs.  Born Smith Canaan, Conn. See Conneaut Reporter
  Dean, William M.   Sept. 15, 1847  
Dean, Wm.   Mar? 1, 1854 AE 58 yrs.  Will re-read again. (See 1850 Census)
  Dibble, Susan   Oct. 22, 1844 Wife of _________ (illegible) This stone is directly behind Amanda Ford's stone.
  DePuy, Martinette     Wife of ______ DePuy.  Has little hearthlike stone with lamb on it.  Will try to read again
  Everts, Jesse   Oct. 14, 1847 US War Veteran Marker next to his stone.  VERIFIED
Farr, Sarah Ann Oct. 5, 1851 Wife of Hosea FARR.  AE 38 yr. 8 mo 14 ds.
  Farr, Maria L.   Sept. 26, 1844 Daughter of Hosea & Sarah A. FARR.  AE 8 ys & 8 mos.  On same stone as Julia M. FARR. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Farr, Julia M. Feb. 26, 1844 AE 3 yr & 10 ms.  On same stone as Maria L. FARR.
  Ford, Amanda     Wife of Ambrose.  Stone partly buried.  Will try to read again.
  Foster, Elizabeth Oct. 19, 1793 Aug. 15, 1847 Daughter of Asa & Catharine WOOLEY. Wife of Clark FOSTER.  Born in Morris Town, N.J. VERIFIED
  Foster, ___?   Dec. 22, 1828 AE 2 Yrs.  Probably dau or son of Clark & Elizabeth Foster.  Top broken off stone.  Was near Elizabeth Wooley Foster
Will try to read again
Foundation No stone left except foundation stone.  VERIFIED
Foster, Lewis A. 7__ 181__ Aged __ & 6 mos?  Will re read again
Fuller, Joseph A. Mar. 28, 1863 Son of Joseph & Alzina. AE 18 yr 9 mo? 22 da
++++ GARDENER, Hannah Jan. 6, 1855 Wife of N.  AE 60 yr.   Stone is not visible or is missing.
(See 1850 Census)
  Goodsell, Isaac   Feb. 29, 1844 C., Rev. W.  AE 81 yr.  The rest of the stone is underground.  Parts of this reading is by the other person.
Re Read this
Hammond, Lucius A. Aug. 27, 1865 Son of ___ & R.(B?) A. Hammond.  Aged 3 yrs 4 ms 5 ds.
HOLCOMB, BESSIE w/ Bessie Holcomb (w) 1907 - 1971?  This stone was read by the other person.  Not visible or missing.
HOLDEN, Edgar F. July 14, 1866 Son of C. & L. P.  AE 18 yr.
  J. C.     Small stone.  Nothing more than initials on it.  Directly in front of Isaac Goodsell's stone.  VERIFIED
+++ Kimberk, Emma S. Will try to read again.  Leaning on skinny tree.
(See 1850 Census)
McLeer?,  Joseph A. Mar. 27?  186____? Son of Joseph & _____ McLeer.  Aged  ___ yrs 9 mo & 22 d's.
  MESSENGER, H. M.   May 7, 1862 Son of M. & C.  AE 17 yr.
P. (Maybe Phelps), W. H.(M) Date at top of stone is 1825.  Very badly weathered.
P_______________ Date of May 1837.  Very badly weathered.
  Parker, Hulda   March __ 1828? Aged 28 ys.  Will be re-read soon.
  Parker, Lemuel L.   Oct. 1, 1862? Aged 29 ys.  Son of __ & __ Parker.  Died in St. Louis?
Member of Ohio 2 OB Will try to re read again
Peters, James Dec. 17, 1854 Approx. 4 feet North of stone (***)  Son of Ja___ P____(maybe Peters)  AE 19 yr. (Will read again)
  Peters, Jane   Nov. 23, 1851/4 Dau. of J. & N. Peters.  AE 33 Yrs. ___days. (Will read again)
Platt, Julianna Lambertson May 10, 1810 Dec. 8, 1868 "Resting"
Sage, Wm. ca 1782 Oct. 19th, 1838


Aged 56 years.  Long epitaph which is illegible.  (Re Read this one but will try to decipher epitaph later.)
++ Sargeant, Wm. June 6, 1875 Aged 75 ys.  Stone next to Stone behind Matilda.
(See 1850 Census)
SARGEANT, ANN Feb. 14, 1868 Wife of Wm.  AE 67 yr.  Stone broken.  This was read by another person.  Stone is now not visible or is missing.
(See 1850 Census)
  Scribner, Matilda   May 2, 1784 Daughter of L. D. & E?  Stone is next to Pedelia Waltrous(Will read again)
  SHIPMAN, JAMES     w/ James Shipman 1907 - 1971  This stone was read by the other person.  It is now not visible or is missing.
  Sinclear, Polly   1836 Wife of Prentice Sinclear, died 1836 in the 47 year of her age (SHARON WICK's NOTE:  There is a Prentice Sinclear buried in Clark's Corners Cemetery. OK
**** Thornton, Daniel June 8, 1867 AE 19 yr.  This stone is now not visible or is missing. (see 1850 census)
  Tuttle, Mary E.   May 15, 1862 Wife of R? H? Tuttle.  Aged 23 Yrs 4 mos
Stone was lying on it's face.  I turned it over to read it.
Will take some dirt out there and try to read Mr. Tuttle's inititials
Watrous, Adelia Sept. 1891 Dau. of Samuel & Fidelia Watrous AE 17 hr.
  Watrous, Fidelia ________, __75? Dec. _____,____? Wife of Samuel Watrous. Very badly weathered.  Will try to read again.  Stone is right behind Martinette DuPuy

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