History of Conneaut - Kelloggsville Cemetery Area - Found at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH

Kelloggsville, Ohio
(southwest of Conneaut)
Ashtabula County, Ohio

The following stones were photographed on September 7th, 2002 while my husband and I was searching for one in particular.
More will be added later.
~ Sharon Wick


Dorothy M. Anderson John C. Anderson Josina Anderson Walter Anderson
Sophie A. Anderson James C. Anderson James C. Anders
(back of stone)
William G. Anderson
George & Louie Anderson
Charter J. & Nettie E. Anderson Baby Anderson Alfred L. & Bessie M. Anderson
(next to Baby Anderson)
Richard L. Anderson
George, Mary A. & Bertha A. their daut. Mother Anderson Bertha Anderson Father Anderson
  George Anderson Plot    
  Anderson/Andrus Plot    
Anderson/Andrus Monument Amy B. Anderson Jay G. Anderson Stella D. Anderson
[Photo to be added later]
Andrus/Anderson Monument Mary E. Andrus J. G. Andrus  
Richard L. & Judith E. English Kenneth R. English
(next to Richard L. & Judith E. English)
Colegrove/Love Monument
Melvin Colegrove, Tamer Colegrove Love & Waren Love
M.L.C. in Colegrove/Love Plot T.L.C. in Colegrove/Love Plot Warren Love in Colegrove/Love Plot
COULTON Monument
Rodney A., Maude V. & Rodney W. Colton
Rodney A. Colton
(next to Colton Monument)
Rodney W. Colton
(next to Colton Monument
  Fisher, Hannold, Clark Plot    
Albert R. & M. Irene Fisher Albert R. Fisher II
(son of Albert R. & M. Irene Fisher)
Charles A. Fisher
(son of Albert R. Fisher)
Richard R. & A. Roberta (Fisher) Hannold
(Roberta is Albert R. Fisher II's sister)
Michael Riley Lizewski   Clark
(in next row)
Daniel W. & Lucia R. Hazeltine Mary Alice Kidder Lough Lovine, wife of G. Wetmore G. Wetmore
Wetmore Plot
Sally, Elizabeth & Elnathan Wetmore
Sally Wetmore   Elnathan Wetmore Elizabeth Wetmore
Wife of Elnathan Wetmore
Phebe Young, wife of
John Wetmore
Phebe Wetmore
(small stone near large monument left of this picture)
Father Wetmore Julie Wetmore
Thankful C. Wetmore,
Wife of Benjamin Wetmore
T. E. Wetmore    


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